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  • Shanghai Junshi Biosciences Co., Ltd.*

    Junshi Biosciences is an innovation-driven biopharmaceutical company which is dedicated to the discovery and development of innovative drugs and their clinical research and commercialization on a global scale. Our mission is to provide patients with treatment options that work better and cost less.

    Based on the core platform technology of protein engineering, Junshi Biosciences stands at the frontier of R&D of macromolecular drugs. With distinguished capability of innovative drug discovery, advanced biotechnological R&D, large-scale production capacity on the full industry chain and rapidly expanding drug candidate portfolio of tremendous market potential, Junshi Biosciences has a leading edge in the PRC in the emerging field of immuno-oncology and for the treatment of autoimmune and metabolic diseases. 

    Junshi Biosciences was the first Chinese pharmaceutical company that obtained marketing approval for anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody in China. Its first-in-human anti-BTLA antibody for solid tumors was the first in the world to be approved for clinical trials by the FDA and NMPA and its anti-PCSK9 monoclonal antibody was the first in China to be approved for clinical trials by the NMPA.

    Our vision is to become a pioneer in the area of translational medicine by developing first-in-class and best-in-class drugs through original innovation. With enrichment of our product pipelines and exploration of drug combination therapies, Junshi Biosciences has expanded its innovation to the R&D of more types of drugs, including small molecule drugs and antibody drug conjugates (or ADCs), as well as to the exploration of the next-generation innovative therapies for cancer and autoimmune diseases.

    • Dr. Li NingExecutive Director, chief executive officer and general manager

      Mainly responsible for formulating business strategies and managing operations of Junshi Group.

      Prior to joining Junshi, Dr. Li held various positions, including team leader of the Office of Biostatistics, team leader of mathematical statistician, statistical reviewer and medical reviewer, at the FDA; Then he was employed by Sanofi, and the last position he held was Vice President Asia Regulatory Affairs in Global Regulatory Affairs. Dr.Li also worked as a guest professor at the Clinical Research Institute of Peking University and a part-time professor at the Medical Informatics Center of Peking University.

      Dr. Li obtained his bachelor’s degree in public health from Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, the PRC in July 1984 and his master’s degree in medicine from Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, the PRC in October 1987. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in preventive medicine from University of Iowa, the United States in August 1994.

    • Dr. Feng HuiExecutive Director and chief operations officer

      Mainly responsible for daily operations and management of Junshi group. Dr. Feng also works as an executive director and legal representative of Junshi Biotechnology and the legal representative, executive director and general manager of Suzhou Junmeng. Dr. Feng took part in the invention of certain registered patents and patents in application in relation to JS001, JS002 and JS003 for Junshi Group.

      Dr. Feng has over 10 years of industry experience in biotechnology and drug discovery. His experience spans across multiple area of drug development including antibody discovery, protein engineering, and Immuno-oncology. Dr. Feng had ever served at Albert Einstein College of Medicine as postdoc, at HumanZyme Inc. as a production manager, and at MedImmune, Inc. (a subsidiary of AstraZeneca) as a scientist.

      Dr. Feng obtained his bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and technology from Tsinghua University, PRC in July 1997 and his Ph.D. degree in molecular pharmacology from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the United States in September 2003. He has published a number of academic articles and is an inventor of a number of patents. 

    • Mr. Zhang ZhuobingExecutive Director, deputy general manager

      Also being an executive director and general manager of Suzhou Union Biopharm.

      Mr. Zhang has over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has also been a director and a deputy general manager of Shanghai Union Biopharm, the legal representative, executive director and general manager of Suzhou Union Biopharm, a director of Beijing Xinjingke Biotechnology and a director of Beijing Tianshi.

      Mr. Zhang obtained his master’s degree in biochemistry from Tsinghua University, PRC in July 1995. Mr. Zhang was awarded the first prize of the Shandong district award for invention in 2005. 

    • Dr. Yao ShengExecutive Director, deputy generalmanager and senior vice president

      Dr. Yao worked as a senior vice president of TopAlliance, and as a director of Suzhou Junao. He took part in an invention of certain registered patents and patents in application in relation to JS002 and JS003 for Junshi Group.

      Prior to joining Junshi, Dr. Yao had ever served as a research fellow in immunology at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, a research fellow at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the Department of Dermatology, an associate research scientist in the Human Translational Immunology Department at Yale University, and a senior scientist at Amplimmune Inc., a subsidiary of AstraZeneca, responsible for the tumor immunology and anti-autoimmune diseases antibody project.

      Dr. Yao obtained his bachelor’s degree in biotechnology from School of Life Sciences of Peking University, the PRC in June 1998 and his Ph.D. degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the United States in January 2003. Dr. Yao has a number of articles published in journals including Nature Communications, Science Advances, Immunity, Jem, Blood and JI.Dr. Yao is also an inventor of six registered patents or patents in application. 

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    • 上海君實生物醫藥科技有限公司(Shanghai Junshi Biosciences Co., Ltd.*) was formally registered and established as a limited liability company in Shanghai, the PRC.
    • Junshi was converted into a joint-stock limited liability company and renamed as 上海君實生物醫藥科技股份有限公司(Shanghai Junshi Biosciences Co., Ltd.*).
    • Junshi was registered and listed on the NEEQ in China.
    • JS001 obtained IND approval from the NMPA (formerly CFDA), being the first anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody developed by a PRC company.
    • UBP1211 was approved by the NMPA (formerly CFDA) to conduct clinical trials, being one of the first Humira biosimilars developed by PRC companies.
    • Shanghai Junshi Biosciences Co., Ltd. completed the merger by absorption of Shanghai Union Biopharm (previously listed on the NEEQ, stock code: 430598.NEEQ).
    • UBP1213 received IND approval from the NMPA (formerly CFDA). Junshi is the first company in the PRC to obtain IND approval for anti-BLyS monoclonal antibody.
    • Junshi was admitted into the “Innovation Layer” of the companies listed on the NEEQ in China.
    • Junshi commenced construction of Junshi’s Lingang Production Base as a new manufacturing plant.
    • JS002 obtained IND approval from the NMPA (formerly CFDA), being the first anti-PCSK9 monoclonal antibody developed by a PRC company.
    • JS001 obtained the IND approval by FDA to conduct clinical trials in the United States.
    • The NDA application of JS001 was formally accepted by the NMPA (formerly CFDA). Meanwhile, Phase I clinical trial of JS001 was initiated in the United States.